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"Being hip is a temporary phenomenon, being the best is an art."
(ALECCO, owner of the P1 club in the late 60s)


About 60 years after its founding and seven years after the last major redevelopment, Germany’s most famous night club has reinvented itself. The redesign of groundplan and facilities aimed at atmospheric night entertainment and heavy partying.


The P1 is located in the basement of the Munich art gallery (Haus der Kunst), one of the most renowned contemporary museums in Europe. The distinctive grid of columns, which casts a net over the whole groundplan, presets the constructive elements for the interior design. The P1 does not live on cheap gimmickry, but according to a consistent overall concept. Traditionally, it holds true to the principle of »no-design«. Accordingly, the interior is sparse, restrained and straight-lined. The main colors are black and white. The guest is the »star«.


The new P1 consists of two club areas. For extensive club nights the main club with room for 600 people is ideal – it is centered by a 60 sqm large dance floor made of black marble, with the DJ pulpit in the middle, surrounded by bars, dancing podiums and booths with leather sofas.

Studio Schwarz is the new concept club in the P1. In January 2013, the former Stüberl has been reborn into a performative, excessive, alternative and experimental club area. When entering Studio Schwarz you arrive in a new clubworld, where you can only expect the unexpected. From international DJ bookings, live performances or tattoo campaigns … anything goes.

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