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Presently interested in exploring the multiple dimensions of urban culture through fiction and documentary filmmaking, Pablo Aravena is a Montreal-based producer/director/writer. In 1997, he graduated from Concordia University’s Film Production Program. He has held various positions as a freelancer in the film and television industry in Canada. He has also directed short films, music videos and music-related video reports. He is currently in development with one feature-film project and a feature length documentary. In 2005 he released the feature length documentary film entitled “NEXT: A Primer on Urban Painting” about graffiti as a world culture. This film was co-produced with french designer agnes b and features the cream of the crop of contemporary graffiti writers and street artists. The film toured the world festival circuit for 5 years becoming a genuine cult hit. Through making NEXT he has become interested in art and curating art shows and art related film programs. He has curated exhibitions in USA and Europe and a film program in London at the Tate Modern and most recently in Rio de Janeiro. He continues exploring this new direction internationally.

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