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  1. Pushing C4D

    by Matthew Encina subscribed to

    49 Videos / 29 Followers

  2. TV Ident, Bumper & Promo

    by umberto daina subscribed to

    107 Videos / 38 Followers

    cinema 4d, tv ident, ident, bumper, motion graphic, intro, channel, c4d, tv brand

  3. Promos

    by Abhishek 'Shakey' Rao subscribed to

    1,043 Videos / 1,478 Followers

    On-air promos, network branding and IDs, broadcast design, image spots, title sequences, special events, trailers, game promos. Everything from evolved graphics to full blown filmed spots; mega-budget…

  4. Data Motion on vimeo

    by Matthieu Colombel subscribed to

    608 Videos / 329 Followers

    Data motion: How to explain a brand, a product, etc, with a short motion graphics video?

  5. Infographics/explainer videos

    by Rickard Bengtsson subscribed to

    821 Videos / 248 Followers

    Collection of infographics/explainers cause I keep raffling through my likes and other things to find them

  6. Bad Ass Motion Graphics

    by EJ Hassenfratz subscribed to

    1,573 Videos / 3,939 Followers

    Inspirational motion graphics pieces that are just bad ass!

  7. Startup Video Animation

    by James Brelaz subscribed to

    184 Videos / 99 Followers

    Showcase of the coolest startup explainers videos on the web.

  8. MotionMojo

    by Thinkmojo, Inc. subscribed to

    937 Videos / 156 Followers

    Motion Design inspiration

  9. animograph

    by Riso subscribed to

    672 Videos / 481 Followers

    Tasty Animation & Mograph

  10. Epic

    by Guilherme Meneghelli subscribed to

    78 Videos / 32 Followers


  11. Motion Boutique Newton Tutorials

    by motionboutique subscribed to

    19 Videos / 431 Followers

  12. Reels

    by Dakota Hopkins subscribed to

    37 Videos / 8 Followers

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