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Montréal, QC, Canada

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Beads of sweat, headaches and countless hours on the phone were the first symptoms of what tobecome PACIFIC ALIVE. In fact, the year 2012 was a real make-or-break moment in the musicalcareer of newcomers Gabrielle La Rue and Gabriel Dezb. “We’ve been waving from projects to projects for about ten years and we just felt we had to build, for once, a rock-solid team. We threwup advertising posters all over Montreal and held dozens of auditions during that year." They struggled, relentlessly, to find the right and talented people to craft that organic andrefreshing alternative-pop blend they had in mind. The mid-twenties youngsters got their ideas onpaper and started working like bees. “We’ve been waving from projects to projects for about tenyears and we just felt we had to build, for once, a rock-solid team. We threw up advertisingposters all over Montreal and we’ve held dozens of auditions..." says Dezb. More than a year oftry-outs, deceptions and false hopes was needed to gather the 4 composers/performers.At the beginning of 2013, the whirlwind finally calmed down. Gabrielle and Gabriel caught up withlong-time friend and former band mate of mid-2000’s heavy endeavour Alain Lebarbe (ex-RiverJones). Finally, they found the last piece of the puzzle: Alexandre Perreault, Alain’s longtimefriend and amazing guitar player to complete the project.The chemistry was tangible and they immediately entered Deadmoose studios to record their firstEP produced by Sébastien Rivard and have some of the tracks mixed by Michael Chambers (Cityand Colour, Whitehorse). Moreover, a video clip is planned to be released in July 2013 to supporttheir first single "We Are The Roots". "The magic appeared during the recording process. We’ve explored a lot and new facets in ourflavour just emerged. It’s in there, it’s in the studio that the idea to sing both together or in gangcame to us" tells Gabrielle.
Overlaid by texts full of hope and strewed with landscapes, Gabrielle and Gabriel oppose orharmonize to recite high excursions in feelings. Sing alongs, choirs and sights in "oh!" often inviteto sing with the group. "We like that the band merges with the public. When we sing all together inaccord, we create something festive and participative. After several years to be on stage, we now want to return to the basics and have fun and to gather people." Loans to assault the independent rock scene, PACIFIC ALIVE borrow elements sometimes fromthe post--hardcore, sometimes from the Canadian pop music, and all this, with humble desire toplease the general public. They are surprising, lively of spirit and stickers, note after note

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