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Pacific Wild is committed to defending wildlife and their habitat on Canada’s Pacific coast by developing and implementing solution-based conservation strategies. Pacific Wild supports innovative research, public education, community outreach and awareness to achieve the goal of lasting environmental protection in the lands and waters of the Great Bear Rainforest.

We work with a diverse array of communities, First Nations, groups and individuals to ensure that biodiversity protection is at the forefront of land and marine use decisions.
At Pacific Wild, our goal is to mobilize a concerned global citizenry to achieve large-scale wildlife protection.

Pacific Wild’s current focus area is on the northern portion of the Pacific coast of Canada, an area known as the Great Bear Rainforest. Located between Bute Inlet to the south and the Alaskan panhandle to the north, this region contains a significant portion of the world’s remaining intact temperate rainforest. Historically, this forest type occupied less than 0.2% of the earth’s land mass and remains one of the rarest forest types on the planet.

The rainforest on Canada's Pacific coast supports many threatened and globally unique marine and terrestrial species. Over two thousand separate runs of Pacific salmon intertwine through an ecosystem rich with wildlife, including genetically distinct wolves, the all-white Spirit bear, Canada's largest grizzly bears in addition to many species of marine mammals.

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