Padraig Reynolds

Los Angeles, CA.

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Rites Of Spring, both written and directed by Padraig Reynolds, is his directorial debut and was acquired by IFC Midnight. His award winning short film The Election, featured well-known character actors Lin Shaye and Ray Wise. He wrote the Sony Pictures mini series Buried Alive and has written and has developed a script for Sean Cunningham (producer of Friday the 13th and Last House on the Left). Padraig Reynolds has put his unique stamp on the horror community with his cross-genre vision and fast paced style. Padraig is in pre-production on his latest feature Open 24 Hours. Padraig's other projects include Rites of Spring 2: Devil Sent the Rain and an adaptation of the non-fiction novel Starvation Heights for Kerry, Kimmel and Pollack.

Padraig has written over twelve screenplays which range from coming of age, horror, action thrillers and romantic comedies.

Padraig is represented by John Norris at Artists and Directors Cooperative.