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PALcreations is Tim Nicklas.

I love to use videos to tell people's stories. So far, this has been through weddings, proposals, and missional outreaches. When I tell people's stories, I strive to capture their story, instead of creating a new one. Please, get in touch with me if you'd like me to tell your story.

I also like creating my own stories and helping people with their projects. Please, let me know if you'd like to work with me in creating something new.

I love Jesus, and I want my videos to reflect my relationship with Him. PAL stands for Power, Anchor, and Love, which Jesus is to me.

I also like legos, ice cream, and new socks.


  1. A Jesus Church
  2. JAWCreations
  3. Brickwork Productions
  4. WWM
  5. Olan Rogers

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  1. Great Video! This covered some misconceptions (re: idol worship) and/or preconceptions I had about Totem poles. Blessings, Chaplain Tom - Foursquare-FCI