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This site was launched in order to present up and coming films I am forever working on by bringing film and content to the world stage that lifts people UP. Focussing direction and attention straight down the middle into unseen territories just waiting for us to not be afraid to go there.

We are at one of the most pivotal moments in time. The tortion of spin is about to take us into a new reality.
Are you ready? Let's all make the ride easy. Where will your heart be standing at that moment?

Peace, Harmony, Forgiveness, Equalstanding, Patience, and Love = What I feel.

Thank you for sharing this world with me. As lost as I have been, I know we are never alone and it is the strength and tenderness of our heart that will carry us home. Sometimes you have to die and come back in order to comprehend or even understand 'life'. It is so incredibly beautiful, if you let it be.

Once you have tasted flight
You will walk the earth
With your eyes turned skywards
For there you have been
And there you will long to return

~ Leonardo Da Vinci

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