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Panic Beats, Brooklyn NY born mechanic, the kind you see on Utica Avenue in the greasy blue jumpsuit hailing a very sexy woman is the same man behind a brand new sound set to shock and awe the music world into submission in 2010. Bionic Man is the type to roll under your Escalade on a creeper and emerge as Panic Beats in his under the hood hideaway, body bopping to his own theme song; produced by Panic, written by Panic, performed by Panic but in all likelihood created by Panic during one of his well publicized battles with public and private St. Ides intoxication. Panic credits the beverage with giving him the strength to produce powerful music for everything from bedroom-bully-business to Michael Myers spoken word. Now as the newest producer for DJ Smallz; Fear Factor Music Group, Panic Beats is ready to make entertainment history in that same greasy blue jumpsuit. Bionic Man who has work with such names as Paul Wall, Ray J,David Banner and Max B is ready to take the music game by storm. That cinematic, guttural, mechanics approach to making feel good music combined with the strength of the Fear Factor brand assures that all dibby-dibby soundbwoys are "dead this time" around and that its about to get dirty!

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