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The Panoply Performance Laboratory (PPL) is projects by Esther Neff and Brian McCorkle. Videos here are of PPL's long-form collaborative operas, Brian and Esther's performance work as a duo, and of artists curated and documented through the PPL space, PERFORMANCY FORUM (our monthly performance series), Conferences of Works, and other PPL projects and exhibitions of performance art and performance music.

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  1. Mårten Spångberg
  2. Adriana Disman
  3. Malik Nashad Sharpe
  4. The Present Tense
  5. Antibody Corporation
  6. Caden Manson/Big Art Group
  7. Matthew Silver
  8. Peggy Ahwesh
  9. Grüntaler9
  10. Dimanche Rouge
  11. Miles Pflanz
  12. William Skaleski
  13. Genevieve White
  14. Brian McCorkle
  15. [ RED BIND ]
  16. Geraldo Mercado
  17. Fernando Ribeiro
  18. Hiroshi Shafer

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