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Panos Panakos was born in Athens in 1986. He began his piano lessons when he was 9 years old and only a few years later, at the age of 12, he took his first steps as a composer, writing down on paper some of his improvisations on the piano. These first piano pieces were only the beginning. As he was developing his music style, influenced by his classical studies and his love for film music and cinema, more of his works took place. He continued his studies in piano, harmony, counterpoint, fugue and orchestration, with a degree in all of them as well. In 2004 he entered the University of Piraeus in the Department of Digital Systems, but his love for music forced him to drop out and study Musicology in the University of Athens. He also studies composition with George Hatzimichelakis. His music is characterized by the ability to create images and feelings. Among his works you can find music for films, orchestra, small ensembles or solo instruments and of course piano.

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  1. Hello Jennifer, This film sounds very interesting! I would be very glad if you could take a look at my website to see more info about me and listen to my music. If you think my style suits your vision and I can deliver something more to your idea,…
  2. Hello there, I am a pianist and composer. You can listen to my music here and here you can read some bio. If you think we can work together please email me at panospanakos@hotm
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  6. Hello! You can check my music on youtube or here at my facebook page. I hope we would discuss more about your project. Good luck!