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Panospria is a net-label for experimental music which is based primarily in Vancouver. It was established in Montréal in 2004 to showcase the strange sounds of a core collective of Canadian artists, as well as music by their friends and other international guests. In 2007 became an official branch of No Type Records.

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  1. Sasha Vreca
  2. Angelina Yershova
  4. Leyla Majeri
  5. iona pergo
  6. Giorgos Stefanou
  7. Peter Gossweiler
  8. Tatiana Plakhova
  9. nofun gfx
  10. Records: Experimental Sydney
  11. jelena glazova
  12. marco ferrazza
  13. Max Wainwright
  14. Shazzula/ Black Mass Rising
  15. L'Atelier D
  16. Daniel Palacios
  17. Ross Birdwise
  18. IRZU

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