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Artist by day,
bus boy by night.

Short films:

*BALUD (Water Snake) 7min14sec

Special Jury Prize, Action4Climate
London Fashion Week
Action4Climate, Times Square Expo
Chicago International Film Festival

*Érintés (Touch) 10min54sec

Budapest, Hungary June
Queer Lisboa Film Festival
Side by Side Film Festival, Russia
Budapest Pride LGBT Film Festival
Mix Brasil Fest: Culture of Diversity, Rio
Mix Brasil Fest: Culture of Diversity, Sao Paolo
Gay&Lesbian Film Festival, Ljubljana

Outview Film Festival, Athens
Sinehan sa Summer, New York

Fidé, Paris

*Átmeneti (Temporary) 8min4sec

4th Romani Film Festival, Budapest
Unless stated otherwise, most music used in these videos are not mine; and were used for exercise/practice purposes. No copyright infringement intended.


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