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    Blender MoCap

    by PapaSmurf

    3 Videos

    Videos Produced in association with my research into Motion Capture with Blender

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    Blender DVD Compositing - Conversion and Distortion

    by PapaSmurf

    9 Videos

    Resizing, re-sampling, changing aspect ratios, stretching, and all the ways to squish and squash your video are presented in this series.

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    Blender DVD Compositing - Special Effects

    by PapaSmurf

    10 Videos

    Most popular requests for how to do all those neat special effects in Blender

  4. 00:00

    Blender DVD Composting - Formats & Channels

    by PapaSmurf

    8 Videos

    Groundwork in the different image and video formats, what channels make them up, and how to manipulate them in Blender. Includes HD channel editing.

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    Blender DVD Compositing Introduction

    by PapaSmurf

    6 Videos

    A collection of videos that introduces you to Composting using the Blender tool

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    by PapaSmurf

    5 Videos

    Work that I have done

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