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Linnette has always loved paper crafts & illustrating cute graphics and this combination of the two inspired great paper crafting projects and the founding of PaperGlitter. From paper toys, to stationery sets, clever decorating paper crafts projects and party sets, PaperGlitter offers the ability to create lovely paper things using "do it yourself" PDF file templates also knows as "printables". The philosophy of paperglitter is to offer adorable graphics and easy paper crafting projects combined with high quality & affordable PDF files, that allow the users to have instant gratification with low complexity templates. Numerous PaperGlitter projects can be found for free downloads at and even more items are for sale at Aside from running the expanding PaperGlitter brand and being a mom, Linnette is also the founder and head designer of a Toy Design company in Miami, Florida which offers design and illustration services for the toy industry.

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