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Artists Hannah Lamar Simmons of Brooklyn, NY and Rebecca Kinsey of Byron Bay Australia met while fulfilling a residency with the Art Student’s League of New York in 2010. Despite using distinct methods and materials, the artists share an underlying concern with storytelling, movement, and process. As a native of Knoxville Tennessee, Hannah’s process and aesthetic are heavily influenced by the folklore and craft traditions of the southern Appalachian Mountains. Her current work is an investigation of the contemporary storytelling process through the manipulation of newspapers. Rebecca Kinsey is particularly interested in the idea of walking or traveling through space as art. As such, her practice has become a process driven multimedia exploration and currently involves the collision of the handmade mark and digital video. As studio mates at The Art Students League, their individual works became increasingly parallel, and the artists soon began a collaborative process that includes elements of video, audio, mixed media, and performance. As a collaborative team, Hannah and Rebecca refer to themselves as paperJAM.

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