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Parachute® is an independent award-winning type foundry. It landed in 1999, but it wasn’t till 2001 that it started operating as a full-scale company. Since then, 13 designers have joined in to form a select group of open minded, free spirited individuals, all coming from diverse design fields.

Over the years, Parachute has built a strong network of valuable relationships with customers in Europe, United States, Canada, Asia and Australia. It’s clientele includes multinational companies and organizations such as the European Commission, American Express, UEFA, Bank of America, Disney, Time Warner, McGraw-Hill, Ikea, Samsung, Nestle and Unilever, advertising and branding agencies such as BBDO, McCann Erickson, TBWA, MetaDesign, JWT, Interbrand, Wieden+Kennedy, publications such as Financial Times, National Geographic, Harper’s Bazaar, Grazia, PC Magazine, PC World, as well as many others.
The year 2003 marked the beginning of a new era for Parachute with the release of an award-winning catalog (Print European Design Annual 2004). Since then an emphasis was placed on multilingual support and opentype technology.

During the last 5 years Parachute has won several major international typeface design awards, with the most recent the red dot: grand prix 2012 for original typeface. All Parachute fonts have been designed to offer multilingual support for major scripts such as Latin, Greek and Cyrillic. Latest entries support Arabic as well. For an updated profile please visit our website.

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