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Paradigm formed in 2005 with a fresh musical style that an audience of the strongest fans of all metal genres could appreciate. After years of honoring our instincts, a process of structuring their art developed, in turn affecting the song length and ultimatly fans branded them as ‘Progressive Metal’. 2009/2010 sees the release of their first full length album 'Symmetry (In)Sanity' which was recorded and funded independently then mixed and mastered by some of the best in the business. The Music features elements of many genres maintaining a diverse, modern/ futuristic sound. A mix of mind bending structures, pulsing rhythmic breakdowns and soul renching chorus hooks push the boundaries of music and mind. We go all out and leave nothing to chance with an intense focus and a proud horizon of vision and creativity to bring you (the fans) another direction to channel your support and undying hunger for metal in Australia and all over the world. 'but the centrepiece of what is shockingly only Paradigm’s debut album gives Edge of Sanity’s legendary “Crimson” a run for its money as far as general quality and consistency is concerned. And it annihilates Opeth’s “Black Rose Immortal” in that latter area. They are big calls I know, but “Reincarnation” is as interesting as it is epic, and as memorable as it is both of those, It’s as close to flawless as imaginable'. 'Symmetry (In)Sanity (2010) is the debut album from Sydney based progressive metal band Paradigm and it easily declares them as one of the most talented new bands on the scene and certainly a band to watch in the future' 'Days Have All But Gone' made its radio debut on Triple j's The Racket with Andrew Haug. Contact us at:,

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