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Parafilms is a spore of creativity headed by Sharif Mirshak and Noé Sardet. The two associates work with a network of artists and storytellers to produce engaging films.
Specialized in documentary production, Parafilms also directs an array of artistic and commercial projects, always focused on quality content. Collaborations spread across many spectrums: CBC, BBC Earth, TED Education, CNRS (French National Center for Scientific Research), Tara Expedition, Takuvik, University Laval, The Nomads, Prana, Mosaicultures Festival, Tourisme Québec, Biotherm, IGA/Jour de la Terre, amongst others.
Fully equipped for sound and image capture, our Montreal studio routinely hosts brainstorming sessions and green screen shoots. On location, our team is versatile, documenting ideas and events in all dimensions. Keen on top-tier cinematography, we constantly improve our filmmaking techniques.
From concept to completion, Parafilms explores evocative stories and magnifies the mysteries of nature.

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