Paribartana Mohanty

New Delhi, India

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2006 Master in History of Art, National Museum Institute, New Delhi, India
2004 Bachelor In Fine Art, (Printing Making) Dhauli College of Art and Craft, Odisha, India

2012 Kino is the Name of a Forest, Solo Exhibition, Vadehra Art Gallery, New Delhi, India

2015 BFI London Film Festival, curated by William Fowler London, United Kingdom
2015 Rendez-vous Singapour Exposition, Institute of Contemporary Art Singapore
2015 Undivided Mind Part- ii, Art + Science Exhibition, Curated by Lieah Smith, KHOJ international Artist Association, New Delhi, India
2015 Forever Now, Curated by Willoh S. Weiland, Brian Ritche, Thea Baumann and Jeff Khan, Aphids Epic Contemporary Project, Mofo, Hobart
2014 TokyoStory Part- ii, Tokyo Wonder Site, Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan
2014 Field Trip Project, Curated by Daisuke Takeya, Tokyo, Japan
2014 Insert- Common Ground Curated by Raqs Media Collective, IGNCA, New Delhi India
2013 Rendez-vous 13, Institute of Contemporary Art Lyon, Lyon, France
2013 Ideas of the Sublime curated by Gayatri Sinha, Rabindra Bhawan, New Delhi, India
2012 Sarai Reader 09: Exhibition, Curated by Raqs Media Collective, Devi Art Foundation, Gurgaon, India
2012 Video Wednesday II, Curated by Gayatri Sinha, Gallery Espace, New Delhi
2012 Broadening the Canvas: Contemporary Visual Culture of Alternate Sexuality, Curated by Rahul Bhattacharya, Part of Kolkata Rainbow Pride Festival, Kolkata
2012 In Other Words, Sarai-CSDS, New Delhi
2011 Regards Croisés: A Selection of Asian Contemporary Art, Art Plural Gallery, Singapore
2011 Collective Metamorphosis, Curated by Kapil Chopra, Nature Morte, New Delhi
2011 To be continued… The FICA Group Show, Curated by Bhooma Padmanabhan, Volte Gallery, Mumbai
2011 Hong Kong Art Fair, works presented by Nature Morte
2011 Outset Inaugural Exhibition, co-ordinated by Peter Nagy and organized by Feroze Gujral, New Delhi
2010 Drifiting Still, Curated by Rahul Bhattacharya, Art Konsult, New Delhi
2010 ARTIST + NATURE = ART The Sandarbh Workshop and residency. The Lahori Forest, Dadra Nagar & Hawali (UT) India
2010 Present is Now, Curated by Peter Nagy,
2010 City as Studio: EXB 10.04, Sarai, CSDS, New Delhi.
2010 City as Studio: EXB 10.01, curated by Iram Ghufran and Amitabh Kumar as part of ‘Ten Years of Sarai’, Sarai, CSDS, New Delhi (Feb 15 – March 10)
2010 Renewed Intensity, Curated by Jagannath Panda, B K College of Art, Bhubaneswar
2010 Drifters, Curated by Rahul Bhattacharya, Gallery Beyond, Mumbai (as part of Kala Ghoda Arts Festival, February)
2009 Drifters, Curated by Rahul Bhattacharya, Art Konsult, New Delhi (18 Dec – 10th Jan)
2009 Fantasy, Curated by Sunil Gupta and Gautam Bhan, Nigah Queer Festival, Max Mueller Bhavan, New Delhi.

2015 T.A.J. RESIDENCY & SKE PROJECTS, Bangalore, India
2015 Undivided Mind- Part II, Art + Science One Month Residency at KHOJ, KHOJ International Artist Association, New Delhi, India.
2014 Writing Intensive, Kiran Nadar Museum of Art, Noida, New Delhi
2014 International Creator Residency Program 2013, Tokyo Wander Site, Tokyo, Japan
2013 An Anatomy and Politics of Video Art, A workshop by Marcel Odenbach, Kolkata, India
2011 Three-months residency hosted by Stadt galerie, Bern (Switzerland) in collaboration with Pro Helvetia (Swiss Arts Council) and FICA
2010 Sandarbh Artists Residency, Dadra Nagar and Havelli
2010 EMERGING ARTIST AWARD, Foundation of Indian Contemporary Art (FICA), New Delhi
2010 Awarded ‘the City as Studio’ – Sarai-CSDS Media Lab Associate Fellowship for Contemporary Art and Media Practices and Residency
2009 Attended one-day D.I.Y. Cyborgs workshop by a Japanese artist Hiromi Ozaki, Khoj International, Delhi
2008/09 Assistant with artist Ranbir Kaleka

Ongoing Project "Act The Victim" Film Project Looks at the images of victim and crisis circulating on popular and social media in our everyday.
Ongoing Project "Dear Document Fukushima" approaches the documentation of Fukushima that I shot and collected during my last visit to the very site in 2014.
2015 The Miniaturist, 12min 43 sec
2015 Tomey Ishii (Stop Stone), 5min 12 sec
2015 Sleepless Nights, 3min 25sec
2013-15 Notes on Detour and Potentiality (VIDEO INSTALLATION) 4min 14sec (loop)
2013 History of terrorism Verses Architecture (VIDEO INSTALLATION) 21.10 Min
2012 Kino is the Name of a Forest (2D) 40 Min (loop)
Kino is the Name of a Forest (3D) 40 Min (loop)
Forest, 59. 36 Min (loop)
Face is Painting, Body is Sculpture, 4 Min (loop)
2011 Apparatus 3 Min (loop)
Temple 3 Min (loop)
Experiment with White Noise (Cement Brick) 3 Min (loop)
Ark 3 Min (loop)
Experiments with Noise (Mecca) 3 Min (loop)
2010 Post-Mughal Hunting Scene, 4 min 40 sec
A Lot of Pressure on Confidence, 4 min 35 sec
2009, Still-Life study and Samuel 4 min 37 sec
Art-Fart 3 min 11 sec
2006, Dream Unbound, 1 min 36 sec
2004, The Open Window, 22 min 21 sec

2014 Reading of “MY EXPERIEMENT WITH TRUTH” by M.K.Gandhi 36 Hour Event Sarai- CSDS, 29 rajpur road, New Delhi
2014 “Look back in anger”, a respond to Fukushima Nuclear disaster Presentation/ Performance Tokyo Wonder Site, Aoyama, Tokyo
2014, 21st March Act the Victim Performance/ Audition Tokyo Wonder Site,
Aoyama, Tokyo
2014 Touch 17th NIPAF Performance festival 3331Art Chiyoda, Tokyo, Japan
2014 Act the Victim Performance/ Workshop Tokyo Wonder Site, Aoyama, Tokyo
2014, 16th February Act the Victim (Tokyo) Performance/ Audition Yoyogi Park, Tokyo, Japan
2014, 15th February Act the Victim (Tokyo) Performance/ Audition Tokyo Wonder Site, Aoyama, Tokyo
2014, 9th February Act the Victim (Tokyo) Performance/ Audition Yoyogi Park, Tokyo, Japan
2014 Untitled 17th NIPAF Performance festival Keizai University, Tokyo, Japan
2012 Act The Victim (India) Sarai reader 09 exhibition curated by Raqs Media Collective Devi Art Foundation,
Gurgaon, Haryana, India
2012 ‘Geometry Love stories’, A Lecture Performance In Other Words Sarai- CSDS, 29 rajpur road, New Delhi
2011 Influence and Infection of Anish Kapoor Indo-Japanese Performance Festival Delhi College of Art, New Delhi
2010 “….again misinterpreted” Lecture performance Sandarbh Workshop and residency, Dadra Nagar & Havelli
2010 I am Bhubaneswar Renewed Intensity B K College of Art, Bhubaneswar


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