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Born in Chicago but raised in Baltimore and DC, Parker has worked and studied in a variety of places. After a year of scientific and analytical thinking in the geological oceanography program at University of Rhode Island, he transitioned to Visual Communication Design at Stevenson University in Maryland. He has worked as an art director and graphic designer for design and advertising firms, including his own, Pdot Republic, for the past 9 years and a professional freelance photographer for the past 11 years. Currently his interests include productive interaction and experience design with attention to interactive objects and spaces, and taking interaction off the screen and into physically tangible transparent technology, archives, and future technology. After that, climbing and backpacking is all that is on his mind.

Parker is currently Sr. Staff Product Designer/Prototyper at Samsung Electronic's UX R&D Center in San Jose, CA. Each day Parker imagines, designs and prototypes the next big thing through rapid hardware sketches—tangible interactive models that communicate the idea quickly, cheaply and efficiently.

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