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Those of us who live here know that Chicago is abuzz with sounds -- and not just the wailing of police sirens and the thrumming of train tracks and the hiss of surf on sand -- but the sounds of horsehair across cello strings and of felt hammers patting piano wire. The city vibrates with the voices of its makers of music -- composers, performers, improvisers, programmers, instrument-builders -- and Parlour Tapes+ aims to capture these rustlings, large and small, on quarter-inch oxide-coated magnetic tape.

Yes, tape. Cassette tape.* We are, per our name, a new music cassette tape label. We are also, per our growing interests, a media and performance collective that mounts unlikely concert-happenings and publishes an online magazine. We are also-also a group of performing, composing, improvising rug-cutters who create and realize new work ourselves.

We aim to fuel creative thought in our field with stimulating, encouraging, and at times completely over-the-top projects to nurture the earnest and unbridled fulfillment of artistic desire. We are as likely to mount heartbreaking and intimate concert-concerts (looking at you, Spektral Quartet) as we are to fabricate a Clue-esque musical murder mystery (what would the world do without David Skidmore?) or stage a fake job fair and completely benign brainwashing initiative nested in the perfectly unassuming shell of the contemporary concert.

*Yesyesyes we also provide digital downloads, don't worry your pretty little head.

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