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  2. Studio Pascal Blais

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    Animation Sampler Nov. 2014

  3. Creative Collaboration

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    Studio Pascal Blais 210-217 de la Commune St. West, Montreal, QC H2Y 3W8 Canada T. 514-849-4444 x226 stefanie@pascalblais.com

  4. Pascal Blais Studio Animation Sampler

    39 videos

    Pascal Blais Studio is a full-service 360° production company located in picturesque Montreal. Our roster of internationally acclaimed directors work in a variety of styles from 2D Cell, 3D-CG, Stop-Motion, to Motion-Graphics, and Mixed Media. This is just a small glimpse of the work we have…

  5. Studio Pascal Blais Demo + References- Estrellitas

    9 videos

    Agence: McCann Erickson Client: CPW Produit: Estrellitas Titre: New moon shape 2012 Duree: 20''

  6. SPB DEMO 2012

    19 videos

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