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Born out of a warehouse in the back-blocks of Sydney’s inner-west, the inaugural Pasifika Film and Arts Festival has been re-branded, re-worked and rejuvenated! The festival is set to be re-launched in November 2015 as the Pasifika Film Fest.

With new stories, a grander venue and an impressive line-up that recognises and honours the rich diversity of cultures from across the Pacific region. This gutsy newcomer on the block promises an unparalleled glimpse into the colourful, vibrant, mystical, powerful and harmonious world of these Pacific Island nations, our neighbours.

Very few avenues exist to showcase the work of established and emerging filmmakers who give life to the tales of the Pasifika peoples. Pasifika Film Fest encourages aspiring writers, directors and actors to explore and bring into being their unique link to the Pacific as well as to acknowledge the kinship they share with others that inhabit the areas of Oceania.

Our Festival seeks to promote this inter-relationship between the Polynesian, Melanesian, and Micronesian peoples of the Pacific as well as to accent the distinctiveness that identifies each individual culture through their language, customs, politics, history and unique perspective.

Pasifika Film Fest will be screening feature films, shorts and documentaries.

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