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Born in Athens, Greece in 1982.
His first short film, THEREMIN, participated in several international film festivals and won the Best Short Film Award at the International Film Festival of Cyprus.
He has collaborated, as a video artist, in theatre productions of, among others, the Athens and Epidaurus Festival, La Comédie-Française and the Onassis Cultural Centre.
His video art projects have screened in venues in Greece, Germany, India, Latvia, the Netherlands and Spain (Reina Sofia Museum).
Since 2011 he is responsible for all videos of, the most established movie website in Greece.
In 2012 he completed his second short film, LOST GIRL, and was selected to participate at the Berlinale Talents program for directors during the 62th Berlin International Film Festival.
Since 2013 he has worked as editor for acclaimed director Nikos Panayotopoulos’ feature films LIMOUSINE and REMBRANDT’S DAUGHTER and has held the position of Artistic Director for the commercials of the National Opera of Greece, many of which he has directed.
During the years 2014 - 2015 he has written and directed four episodes of the documentary series THE HAUNTS for the Greek National Television.

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