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British Columbia, Canada

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With over 25 years of experience in producing feature films, short films, documentaries, music videos and televisions series, Patrick has extensive experience in a multitude of areas.

Trained as a sound and broadcast engineer, Patrick is also a cinematographer, a television and radio producer, a director of photography, a visual communication specialist, a steadicam operator, an editor, a motion graphic animator and a professional photographer.

Patrick started his career as a broadcast engineer, planning television shows and designing all technical aspects. Then he moved to “live broadcast”, from hosting his own show on CBC called "Meeting with Patrick Bensen", to being one of the National News Anchor on Aboriginal People Television Network's National News at 6.

He is a versatile cinematographer, that can film, edit, create graphics and report live. He has worked with famous people from Bill Clinton to Sting, Pearl Jam to Ministers.

Patrick’s career has seen him work for BBC, Radio France, NRK and CBC for the broadcast industry. In addition, he has also been trained by IBM and Apple Inc. making him well versed as an exceptional IT technician and a versatile show designer. He is also knowledgeable about campaign promotion and marketing, and has substantial skills in website design.

In 2001 Patrick created Adventure Provider Inc,then in 2014, Alpha Film Production.
These companies have filmed programs including adventure races for ESPN and Eurosport, documentaries, short films as well as TV series and tourist campaigns for the Canadian government.

Patrick has designed major sport events, such as the Festival de Plein Air de Montreal and the Viking RAID Adventure Race in Norway. The company has produced films that have been shown at Cannes film festival, Los Angeles, Buenos Aires, San Francisco, Mumbai, Auckland, to name a few.

He is a talented musician, an environmentalist and humanist.

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