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Cork, Ireland

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Pat Phelan is the founder and President of Cubic Telecom, a well known disruptor in telephony circles and one of the leading voices of Voice 2.0.

Pat has developed a number of unique products for the USA, UK and Irish markets including MAXroam

Pat Phelan has been involved in the telecoms arena for over 10 years and has deep experience in both the US and European markets. His first step into the market was the building of the first callshop and internet café software, a successful product still in use today by over 100 internet cafés worldwide. Pat launched Ireland’s first independently owned phones cards in 1999 and continues to trade in this market in a numbers of countries, with the business hitting 5-7 million minutes termination per month.

Over the past three years Pat has run back end on a number of incredibly successful products, including one which sells to this day onboard Ryanair.

He now sees himself as a telecoms disruptor and a champion of the underdog against the ruling telecoms companies. He lives in Cork, Ireland but spends almost three months per year on the West Coast of the USA. His numerous contacts at telecom’s highest levels in the USA and Europe enable him to flirt between the boardroom and the coalface.

Pat is available @

Direct Line +353 87 204 9121

USA 567-265-6494

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