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Patrick Donnelly entered the film business after graduating from San Francisco State University in 1988 with a B.A. in Cinema studies. His first break came when he obtained a staff position at Rick Levine Productions one of the most prestigious commercial production companies of the 1980’s. From there, Patrick moved to Peter Corbett and Company which specialized in effects and animated commercial production, where he obtained hands-on experience with camera, motion control, lighting, and table-top techniques. Patrick then moved to the freelance world as a Key Grip, where he did feature films in Ireland and New York. He also worked a Universal Studios in Orlando, on the Television show WMAC masters. All the time he continued to work extensively in the commercial and music video world in New York and Los Angeles.Patrick then made the move to Lighting designer and Gaffer, working with a wide range of Directors of Photography, including: Lance Accord, Jim Feely, Peter Biziou, Edward Stevens, Tim Ives, Patrick Cady, Fred Murphy, and Darius Kondji. He then began shooting in 1998, working for director Norman Grossfeld of 4Kids Productions on a television pilot. He then made his way into feature films, doing 2nd Unit and operating for DP Pat Cady on the film “Girlfight” which won Best Picture at the Sundance Film Festival that year. Patrick then went on to produce and shoot the feature film; “A Million Miles”, which won Best Screenplay and runner-up Best Feature at the “Dances With Films” festival in Los Angeles. In 2004 he shot the short film “A-Alike” for director Randal Dottin which won the Academy Award for best student short, as well as winning the National Board of Review award.Patrick has shot and operated on the shows “Live” and ” Live” on over 120 live performances of some of the biggest acts in the music industry.He has produced, directed and shot a pilot for “Wiley’s World”, a ½ hour episodic travelogue children’s show.“Divergence” is his feature film debut as Writer/ Director/ Camera. It was released through Vanguard Cinemas International and has played in 17 international film festivals, winning Best Feature in five of them and garnering critical accolades:

Critic Lisa Nesselson of Variety states:

“First pic by Director/DP Patrick Donnelly shows talent all around.”

George Schmidt of states:

“…perhaps the best post 9/11 film I’ve seen – including “United 93” and “World Trade Center” – because it focuses on a real human element; the promise of love amidst immense tragedy. This may very well be the “Coming Home” of its generation.”

Eric Campos of Filmthreat states:
Eric Campos of Filmthreat states:

“Divergence” is a wonderful sight to behold. Filmmaker Patrick J. Donnelly, along with his cast and crew, brings us a story that finds people struggling to stay strong in their darkest hour, a story that many of us can relate to especially in trying times such as these. Highly recommended.”

Patrick has recently directed national spots for “Rhapsody”, “Fanta”, “Free Credit” as well as working as a cinematographer on “Victoria’s Secret”, “Orbit Gum” and “Neutrogena”His Sci-Fi adaption of Shakespeare’s “Julius Caesar” had recently been completed and will start making the rounds on the Film festival circuit.

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