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  1. Mel Ramos, Pop Art

    Mel Ramos, Pop Art Oakland, California


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    This is the official Vimeo page of pop artist Mel Ramos. We will post new videos here on a regular basis. Thank you and enjoy! Find us on FaceBook: www.facebook.com/melramospopart

  2. Caroline de Bendern
  3. EDETÀRIA, l'esperit d'una terra

    EDETÀRIA, l'esperit d'una terra Plus TERRA ALTA, CATALONIA


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    EDETÀRIA vineyard - Catalonia, Spain EDETÀRIA's mission is to be a leading project in the D.O. Terra Alta in Catalonia and to being recognized as a wine of outstanding quality which expresses the terroir and the personality of the wine maker. More Info: www.edetaria.com

  4. Maria Stoyanova

    Maria Stoyanova Berlin, Germany


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    Complete Vimeo-video collection: http://vimeo.com/channels/mariastoyanova ABOUT ME: My work is directly related to self-creation of performances, actors training and theater research. I trained in various schools and with different teachers. Some of them are: Peter Gadish, Barcelona. "Energy…

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