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Paul Bishop is an Ecological Actor & Agent of Change.
He is Chief Inspiration Officer of Arts Evolution; On One Hand Arts Evolution is inspiring an 'evolution of the arts'; on the other it is enabling 'the art of evolution' for individuals & groups, by communicating the values of social, economic, environmental & cultural change, toward sustainable human futures.
Despite general beliefs, there are many stories in this arena that are breathtakingly uplifting.

Because we live in a fast changing media landscape, where learning requires open feedback loops and full, frank disclosure, here is a DISCLAIMER: Paul Bishop is an innovative communicator who uses a variety of means to express personal opinions via this and other media sites. Paul Bishop does not speak on behalf of any other person, party or entity except his own self. Views expressed here, on other sites or within videos (unless implicitly stated) are of a personal nature. Specifically, Paul Bishop does not speak for Redland City Council, Councillors or Officers. If any individual, party or entity feels misrepresented by Paul Bishop's expression, please make contact to share constructive feedback. Thanks for reading all that rather important hoo-haa. ;-)

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