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I have been making short films since 1991, and also made shorts for cable tv and also for satellite TV channels .

One of my films ‘Zombie Asockalypse’ a comedy/horror animation was featured on BBC 2 on ‘The Culture Show’ and interviewed about the film by Mark Kermode, the BBCs noted film critic, who described the film as ‘The Best Zombie film ever made in a washing machine’! The film was also nominated for best comedy at the 2012 Smalls Film Festival in London and won the 2010 Cinefringe award for best film.

I make quirky, offbeat comedy thrillers and animations generally featuring strong female leads and bleak, slightly twisted, ironic humour. I am currently working on ‘Sockzilla!’ the follow-up to Zombie Asockalypse as well as a live-action Hammer Horror spoof ‘Nuns of Evil’ both due for completion later this year.

My main aim in life is to increase the amount of weirdness in the ambient atmosphere!

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