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Paul’s debut feature film The Devil’s Rock was co-funded by Paul re-mortgaging his house. It was released theatrically in New Zealand and the UK, and sold to over 30 territories including North America, Germany, Japan and the Middle East, Australia and South America and to date has grossed 85% of it’s budget. Prior to The Devil’s Rock, Paul’s self-funded short films Eel Girl and Night of the Hell Hamsters have screened at over 100 genre film festivals worldwide and have won over 20 awards and 9 nominations between them.

Paul began his career as a freelance fantasy illustrator working in the UK advertising and publishing industry, before moving to New Zealand to work at Weta Digital on the visual effects for Peter Jackson’s The Lord of the Rings trilogy and subsequently becoming a New Zealand citizen. He has worked in San Francisco, London and New Zealand on films such as Constantine, Sin City, 30 Days of Night and The Chronicles of Narnia and Martin Scorsese’s Hugo.

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    Great work! Love the contrast between the red character and the greeer/bluer environment.