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How many media sites are enough? Is it sufficient to maintain an artist's portfolio, a film and photography production site, three Facebook pages, a twitter feed and God only knows what else that's barreling down the pike of ever speedier, festering connectivity? Join me as I attempt to answer this and other questions that may prove to be... pointless, or perhaps, not...

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  • Pillow Book Gallery - Home of the Pillow Book Gallery Blog and the members only Pillow Book Gallery Photography and Film Archive.
  • Vox Arts - Home of my fine arts portfolio including sculptural works and works with light.
  • Pillow Book Productions - Commissioned Bespoke Photography and Film in the Modern Boudoir Style
  • Pillow Book Gallery Facebook - The Pillow Book Gallery Facebook page, complete with behind the scenes photography and video straight from the Pillow Book Productions Studio

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