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Fletch is an Emmy award-winning director of photography. His first documentary won the Chicago Film Festival, his last documentary, ‘Google Me the Movie’, was spotlighted on ‘Oprah’. Fletch’s documentary, “Thomas Gilcrease”, won a Gold Medal from the National Academy of Western Art.

Fletch has shot over 200 films in 25 countries; commercials for Coors, Kawasaki, Alpine, Universal Studios Jaws to 90-minute documentaries. Fletch has used a number of cameras: Panavision, Mitchell, Cinemascope, and Arriflex to shoot hand-held, car-to-car, and helicopter shots. Fletch is the President of The Association and the Founder of the L.A.-based Cine Boot Camps.

The Association is an award-winning film and video production company, which produces the Cine Boot Camps. The Association has produced videos and films worth over $30 million…commercials for Coors Light, Universal Studios, Kawasaki Jet Ski’s, Princess Cruises, Crystal Cruises and Celebrity Cruise Lines, as well as cinemascope videowall projects for Boeing, Duty Free Shoppers, McIntosh, Alpine and others. The Association has been shooting with the 5D and 7D for the last three years on projects for Disney, Taco Bell, Intel, Toshiba.

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