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Salt Lake City, Utah

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As a child I had a really early bed time. Does that seem like a really random statement to make at the start of a bio? Sure, I'll give you that, but it will all make sense in a moment. Just humor me a little. So what's a kid to do when he's laying in bed at 7:30 listening to the neighbor kids playing in the yard next door? Okay, besides feeling sorry for yourself? You make up stories. I imagined myself as Taran from the Black Cauldron, a P-51 Mustang Ace, a Jedi Knight, Atreyu from the NeverEnding Story, and when my creative energies were weakest, I fought along side H-Man, and Duke from GI Joe. Yeah, I shake my head a little too when I think about those 80's cartoons, but eventually, I was making up my own stories. And today? Well, I'm still doing it, only my bed times a lot later, and the audience is a lot bigger. Is there a difference between imagining yourself as a hero, and making a Corporate video that really connects with its target audience? Sure, but a passion for story, keeps me searching for the perfect sound bite, the best shot of B-roll, and the right music to tie it all together. All thanks in part, to an early bed time.

I'm also the fourth most senior member of the Lone Peak team (9 Years), and a winner of multiple Aurora and Telly awards. Oh, and if by chance you had an earlier bed time. You win, and you have my sympathy.


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