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My name is Paul J Lane

I am a film maker, corporate video, life and acting coach, music and video producer (Notable clients include CYC Couriers, Frank Maloney Promotions, Akon, Schindlers and Middlesex University)

Films credited to
COOLIO Time Travel Gangster 2013/14 Top 5 IMDb listed film
Most Popular British Film (No.3)
Most Popular Sci Fi Film (No.2)
Most Popular Gangster Film (No.8)

Other film projects
Time Travel Gangster Chronicles 2013/14/15
Londinium - 2014/15
The Singleton - 2014/15
The Levellers - 2015
1603 - 2015
A Fistful Of Bullets - 2015


Our equipment is extensive in HD DSLR's with full professional lighting, sound recording andediting professional suite with Adobe Premiere Pro

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