Paulo R. C. Barros

Sao Paulo, Brazil

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Paulo R. C. Barros is a business publications editor, a publicist and a digital and sonorous artist.
His works were selected and participated on Art and Media events and Festivals at United States of America, Denmark, England, Cyprus, The Netherlands, France, Austria, Romania, Syria, Venezuela, Spain, Greece, Italy, Germany, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Turkey and Brazil.

The aesthetic of the digital media art surprises and defies.
Paulo R. C. Barros explores the computer as a form of aesthetic experimentation when working the resources that better allow him to arise the sensibility of the audience.
Subverting continuously the function of the machine and the programs that he uses, reinventing the way how he appropriates of a technology, the digital artist increases his performance and expands his creative horizon.
The techniques and artifices used in the conception of the works are full of concepts and themes based on the minimalism principles, always aiming an innovative and stunning perspective.
The recycling of the visual and sonorous signs, the fragmentation and the impious dismount of their parts, the intentional repetition, allow the creation of an abstract, pulsing, hypnotic and seducing form of art.
The result is disturbing and can be multiplied to the infinite feeding the artistic intervention in the media universe and creating new interpretation parameters, that demands fast perception to be able to catch the message in a speed that sometimes seems to be dizzying.
Paulo R. C. Barros has a rich production in electronic art and sonorous plastics. Observer of the cinema, music, contemporary art and adjacent medias, he is up to date to the video expanded possibilities that are in constant process of changing and rearrangement.

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