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Video artist, short film and music maker, exploring what we perceive to be reality then presenting it as something completely different.

“A poet of digital cinematography – turning short zen-like meditations on fragments of the everyday world into visual and sonic experiences.” Bob Cotton

My visual work is centred on the atmospheric distortion of time and space - on ambiguity and abstraction. I am attempting to demonstrate that there’s more to the world than most people imagine - opening up the possibility of multi-dimensional filmic universes.

Having started my creative life as a painter, and therefore concerned with the still image, my desire is to be able to stop my films at any point and for that single frame to be good enough to stand on it's own as a still image in it’s own right.

Films have been shown in various film and arts festivals including: Paris, St Petersburg, Berlin and Zurich. It has also been shown in events at Tate Britain, Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York: on BBC Big Screens nationwide, Big Screen Project Manhattan and at BBC Electric Proms.

“I make music as an alternative sonic world. Organically constructed, rhythm based, atmospheric, dance or downbeat electronica.”

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