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I am a designer who is passionate about technology. It is my aim to use my skills to make technology more accessible and user-friendly. I do this by asking questions and inspiring others.

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  • About me
  • My Flipboard - Brands & Technology looks into the world of brands and how they use and are influenced by technology.


  1. Territory
  2. Wirtz Film & Experience
  3. Together London
  4. Stereo
  6. Colorbleed Studios
  7. Yeah Haus
  8. pleix
  9. beyond tellerrand
  10. Tony Zhou
  11. Non-fiction
  12. Amsterdam Worldwide
  13. Mark Porter Associates
  14. Casper Boekhout
  15. StartupbootcampTV
  16. Like Knows Like
  17. Sander Ligthart
  18. PlusOne

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