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BTEC Extended Diploma in Creative Media Production (Television and Film)

This television and film course is a production focused experience, which is designed for emerging filmmakers, directors, producers, animators and broadcasters. You will explore the creative world of creative media production and develop skills which relate to being a creative practitioner allowing you to plan, produce and edit exciting, and dynamic film and video.

The course includes practical skills which cover the following areas:
• Music video production
• Documentary
• Single camera drama
• Animation production (stop motion and 3D)
• Soundtrack production
• Scriptwriting and story development
• Production skills (including lighting, editing, camera work, and sound skills)
• Critical and theoretical understanding
• Planning and organisational skills (including scriptwriting and storyboarding)

You will have access to the colleges Equipment Resource Centre (ERC) which contains approximately 6000 items for students. This includes HD cameras, tripods, lighting, microphones, solid state sound recorders, edit suites, sound studios, graphics tablets, lightboxes, to name but a few!

The course has collaborated with BBC, Plymouth City Council, Raindance Film Festival, and many organisations. These opportunities have allowed students to learn professional skills and showcase their work. We also work closely with the emerging creative bodies that form part of Plymouth’s developing cultural identity and national and international community initiatives. In addition, our visiting lecturer programme includes practicing artists, filmmakers and animators.

The BTEC Extended Diploma in Creative Media Production is diverse enabling opportunities to work closely with other appropriate art, design and media disciplines.

The BTEC Media course includes practical skills which cover lighting, editing, camera work, visualisation and sound skills. These practical applications are enhanced over the two years by an understanding of the theory behind practice. Your ability to plan and analyse will be developed enabling you to fully exploit your creative potential in this exciting area.

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