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Peaceful Uprising is committed to defending a livable future through empowering nonviolent action. Our focus is on changing the institutional and social status quo that is at the root of the climate crisis. By increasing awareness about the realities of climate change, we seek to bring the issue to the forefront of the public forum and secure, through any nonviolent means necessary, the attention that the climate crisis deserves and requires.

We are in the midst of a crucial era. Climate scientists agree that without significant, immediate social and institutional change, the climate will continue to tip beyond a “point of no return,” and could irreversibly shift to a climate that is much less hospitable than the one that human civilization has existed in. Peaceful Uprising is aware of these stakes, and is equally aware of the vested interests–mostly financial and political–which are equally committed to hiding the reality of our situation from the ears and hearts of our generation.

Peaceful Uprising believes that, ultimately, all of us are on the same side in the climate debate. We all want a planet on which our children will be able to survive and thrive, and as the changing climate becomes more visible around the globe, we are profoundly aware of the fact that we have no time to waste. Because of the incredibly widespread and far-reaching influence of vested corporate and political interests, however, the message of the climate crisis is being occluded, watered down, and shrouded from view–just when it most urgently needs to be heard. Peaceful Uprising is committed to the task of getting that message across to the people, the public, and our leaders, through any nonviolent means necessary.

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