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You think you know Peaches? Perhaps you do. Whether you’ve been a fan since before her groundbreaking 2000 debut, The Teaches of Peaches, or just met for the first time, prepare to get to know her much, much better.

Peaches has always trafficked in subversion. On her fourth full-length, I Feel Cream, what she subverts—time and again—are preconceived notions of who Peaches is and what she does. Having held the attention of international audiences for a decade, now she reveals new dimensions of her artistry. These twelve new songs feature vocal performances of startling vulnerability and cool sophistication. A minimalist, nothing-is-wasted economy of sound that throws every lyric and groove into sharp relief. And a fresh take on Peaches’ fiercely independent approach to writing and production, with assistance from colleagues as formidable and inspired as the artist herself.

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