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Jinju Dasalla, PhD, RYT, embraces the power of dance, flow arts and yoga as portals for somatic healing and personal transformation. As a professional life coach, performer, lecturer, film-maker, facilitator and instructor with a doctorate in neuroscience, Jinju offers truly unique perspectives, pioneering new paradigms for personal growth and transformational learning that harmonize science, art, and soul.

Co-founder of Soul Flow Arts, creator of Soul Flow Poi, visionary leader of transformational Soul Flow Retreats, and author of upcoming book and transformational flow arts program, Beauty that Transforms, her message is of pureness in heart and her vision is of a world that remembers how simple and sweet healing can be. She holds emotional attunement as the foundation of all flow practices and believes, to love is to flow. Her classes, workshops and coaching journeys consistently call forth elements of play, possibility and purpose to ultimately awaken one's inner fire and innate wisdom. Above all, however, is the invitation to be boldly vulnerable and to open one’s heart.

While you can find her teaching, performing and serving clients all over the world, most of her time is based in Colorado, California and Hawaii, where she works with the Hawaii Yoga Institute, The Still and Moving Center, Magis Group, LLC, and The SHIFT Solution.

DrJinju.com, SoulFlowArts.com

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