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Sharon Agina is the writer and director of Pearls of Africa, a film that is for her a personal journey back to Kenya. An experienced producer and director of feature films and documentaries, Sharon is is known for documentaries including The Trade Winds of the Indian Ocean, As Old as My Tongues (Voice Over), Yes It's Working, Capital People, and Kimberly Housing.

She is also the managing director of Shakazi Productions, a creative industries enterprise working in Nairobi and London.

Sharon works as a producer at Panico Films and has produced and directed commercials for several leading companies. She brings to Pearls of Africa a wealth of knowledge and expertise, having extensive experience within film and media, as well as holding a Master of Arts in film and television production, and an MSC in social sciences.

Sharon has lived and studied in a number of East African countries as well as in Germany before relocating home to the UK, where she furthered her education in media and has been working as a producer ever since.

Growing up in a developing country shaped her views on social justice, the need for reform and empowerment. It was through her personal journey that Sharon became aware of issues within media and politics, and prompted her to found the media and culture initiative MCI UK, as a platform for hidden voices lost in the media barrage.

MCI UK gives her the opportunity to channel some of her professional knowledge, skills and expertise into supporting a broad range of charitable endeavours in the promotion of media and culture, lifelong learning, gender empowerment, community regeneration and sustainable world development.

Apart from her media work, Sharon has worked extensively with the UK's homeless population, drawing on her therapeutic skills to engage and motivate women and men from white and ethnic communities to rebuild their lives. She has won several awards for her charitable work.

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