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I am PeBe KaFeen and I am a Dynamic Futurist hailing from Harlem and currently residing in Flatbush, Brooklyn.
My main interest is in music production. But I as well am involved in digital media arts.
With 20+ years on my belt as a freelance computer graphics designer and IT, I have built a team in my favorite career choices.
I create, design and produce many audio and visual arts for the intellectual mind to see.
I aspire a career in the digital media arts and independent music production industry under the small business technology movement that is progressive here in NYC.
Networking and Grinding with a purpose.

Currently running an indefinite ongoing campaign that is called: e.i.m Campaign (Experimental Instrumental Music) where on the official music production label website you can discover our movement in detail and navigate with ease through our library of themed album works.
Exploring the audio visual world we live in is a lot more extensive than applications and postings.
It is about new imagination and unique perspectives on the senses.

Inviting all to share and follow, check out the links below that will lead you to awesome music projects and unique promotional videos of released projects. Feel free to contact us or comment with message on social media sites such as YouTube, Facebook, MySpace, Pinterest, Twitter and Google+.

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  1. nice look and great presentation.