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PPC is a community supported social enterprise that advocates for innovative, community-based solutions to hunger, food security and sustainability. We’re a team of passionate, food loving, eco-touting, community building individuals seeking to change the way people associated with and access food. Since 2009 we’ve been growing chow and changing LA’s urban landscape into an edible oasis one patch at a time. From community supported gardens to garden-shares and land-shares to local food system resetting, Pedal Patch Community identifies and partners with changes agents and influencers in communities, facilitating collaboration, food cultivation and education amongst groups.

We focus on positive land use, eco-literacy, food system resetting and community involvement through the application of Urban Agriculture or UA. How we differ is in what we do – We take a holistic approach to building healthy, sustainable communities growing them one patch at a time, involving individuals, organizations and leaders in the design and development process. We believe that everyone has the right to food; that the edification of community should extend beyond the garden, school yard or backyard; and that our issues surrounding food can be solved through inventive and practical solutions.

PPC has created a social business model that includes a triple bottom-line, helping grow intact neighborhoods that serve the entire community. At PPC our goal is to build a community of members in a solutions-based setting to create a healthy and positive future, one in which everyone has enough nutritious and healthy food to eat and one that welcomes innovation, while sustaining our agricultural heritage.

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