Pedro Almeida (aka paL)

Porto, Portugal

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Pedro Almeida, graphic designer, musician, sound addicted and performer (aka paL, aka aCUR), co-founder of Crónica label, likes to use the computer as a multimedia instrument. Uses the guitar, percussion and basically anything that produces sound and has been exploring the voice and body to it's limits as sound and performative tools. Experimentalist, improviser and human, likes to work with multimedia tools for the purpose of knowledge and creation. Was the Multimedia Editor of P3 ( till the end of 2012.


PedroAlmeida (aka paL, aka aCUR) é designer, músico e performer. Experimentalista, improvisador e humano, tem vindo a trabalhar com ferramentas multimedia nos últimos anos... adora petiscos, consome diariamente os sons que o rodeia e foi o editor multimedia do P3 ( até ao final de 2012.

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