José Pedro Penha

Lisbon, Portugal

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architecture, set design for tv, cinema, theatre and events

January 2014

José Pedro Penha

As an architect, he has worked with several prominent Portuguese colleagues, as well as he developed some private and independent projects.

In the last 20 years, he has also done multiple tasks in film crews: production and art department assistant, assistant director, production manager, screenwriter, constructor and finally, art director and production designer.

For tv commercials, he has been working as an art director / production designer since 1999 for several production companies, such as Filmes do Tejo, Ministério dos Filmes, Take It Easy, Krypton Films, PSP-Production Services Portugal, Sub-Filmes, Albiñana, Made in Lisbon, Miss Dolores, Gorilla, Still, Quioto, Garage, Page, Alibi, either with Portuguese or foreign directors: Miguel Coimbra, Pedro Claúdio, Augusto Fraga, Tiago Guedes, Frederico Cerejeiro, Marco Martins, Pedro Cruz, Mário Viães, Victor Castro, José Pedro Sousa, Rita Barbosa, Frederico Miranda, Rogério Serrasqueiro, Ramses Albiñana, Manu Coeman, Micky Suelzer, Olivier Gondry, Oskar Holmedal, among others.
He has also collaborated with other production designers, such as Stephane Rozenbaum, Robert Pearson, Guillaume Amossé, Christian Marti, Tony Stringer..

As an art director or production designer he has worked in some feature films, such as:
“La Couveuse”, dir. Jeanne Waltz (production GER - Joaquim Pinto, 1994)
“Mal Nascida”, dir. João Canijo (prod. Clap Filmes, 2007)
“Singularidades duma Rapariga Loura”, dir. Manoel de Oliveira (Filmes do Tejo, 2008)
“Velocidade de Sedimentação”, dir. António Escudeiro (Filmes do Tejo, 2008)
“O Estranho Caso de Angélica”, dir. Manoel de Oliveira (Filmes do Tejo, 2010)
“Sangue do Meu Sangue”, dir. João Canijo (Midas Filmes, 2010)
“RPG” (MGN - Tino Navarro, 2011).

He has had his first experience in theater set design for the successful play “É Como Diz o Outro”, with the well known Portuguese actors Miguel Guilherme and Bruno Nogueira, produced by UAU and staged by Tiago Guedes.

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