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spying on the future....

You can catch me on google or linkedin or facebook or twitter....or wherever a link takes me...

I'm searching for the edge and what it will be. I have found some excellent work here. I'm in awe of the design talent I'm noticing here and not only to imagine it - but execute.

i love video interfaces - video navigation - video touch - live video and live video conferencing enhancements - making things easier to use - having no directions to use something - making it work and making others happy when they see something and motivated to make it better.

A few things I'm keeping my eyes out for this week - putting real video into video games in interesting manners so that the use makes sense (serious games or any other games on any other platforms). How can one make an experience with internet websites human? Where do I find a social network which is not built on the formula today we see often, but takes it the next step?

Is anyone living with digital fabric today - mixing in digital environments with motion and digital signage and touch or motion and taking a concert like setting and making it individual or vice-versa? What's the coolest new gadget out there?

How can we make this affordable? green? give peace of mind? provide health services? a safe home? quality validated information? fun learning environments? entertainment? help?


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