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McClellandtown, PA

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I'm an electronic studio musician/composer/sound-designer and freelance graphic designer living in southwestern Pennsylvania. I'm always looking for new video material to score, especially if it's horror, science-fiction, or fantasy!

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  • - My blog and online portfolio. Your guide to all things Pegritzian!
  • My SoundCloud page. - A collection of representative tracks spanning my entire range of musical inventiveness.
  • My BandCamp - Here you can download all my currently-available albums...FOR FREE!
  • DCFP on Reverb Nation - I don't use this site as much, but it features most of the same tracks as SoundCloud.


  1. Joe White
  2. Alexander Chen
  3. Ignacio F. Rodó
  4. Joshua Bregman
  5. Marcus Alqueres
  6. Kris Cole-Hutchinson
  7. Mallory Meow McDonough
  8. LiL-D Da Prince
  9. Fredrik Bränström
  10. Alex Kibler
  11. Micah Stupak
  12. major scaled

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